Vote up character traits. Feel the love.

The Kreddos app lets friends vote on what they think are your best personality traits. Don't talk about yourself, let others do it for you.

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Reputable references from people who know you best.

People can say anything about themselves on social media, making it a really unreliable source to learn about someone you may have just met. Kreddos wants to turn that around and give your friends, family and close associates a chance to give you kudos for your best traits – and lets you return the favor.

Learn about someone new.

Kreddos is a great way to learn about that person you just met, whether for social, business, or romantic reasons. The app leverages your friends' opinions of you to build your credibility. Kreddos lets you:

  • Discover other people’s most valuable traits
  • Gain insight on someone you just met
  • Vote up your friends' best traits
  • Learn what others think about their friends
  • Build your social credibility

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